Mission Statement

To create a range of learning enablers from which our clients, whether organisations or individuals, can choose or blend solutions that deliver their desired outcomes.

In order to do this, we will harness learning expertise, content and technologies through strategic partnerships that anticipate and react to market needs both current and emerging.

Thinking Performers Ltd is an affiliation of professionals with a vast amount of experience in Learning & Development, H.R. Change and Systems Consultancy with a focus upon creating Learning Organisations and individuals fit to compete in the global "knowledge-led" markets of the 21st cebtury.

Thinking Performers has been developed as a solution to a deep-seated problem we experienced during many years involvement in Training and Consultancy - very little leadership and management training gets translated into ‘action’. Skills, knowledge and behaviours that are introduced during workshops and seminars remain unused because the intervention has been, in some way, ineffective. The net result is the poor leadership and management practices that continue to blight British organisations.

When we looked at this more closely we found the reasons to be many and varied, including:

  • Fragmented approaches to L&D, at both an individual and organisational level
  • Generic workshops, which fail to address the real needs of the client
  • No follow up to embed the learning
  • Workshops being ‘topped up’ with delegates who don’t want to be there
  • No real understanding of the individual’s learning needs
  • Inability to deliver a training solution at the time and place of real need
  • Lack of access to L&D for a large number of people because of budget or logistical restrictions
  • Short-sighted management refusing to invest in their workforce
  • Inability on behalf of H.R. and training teams to manage complexity of learning needs and delivery

As a result, we began looking at how we could help our clients address these weaknesses, and the net result was Thinking Performers Ltd, and our developing range of products and services.


Our team has accrued many years of experience working in both the Private and Public sectors over the last four decades!

Individual facilitators and consultants have worked in support of many major change programmes, including the implementation of TQM in the 80’s and 90’s, Lean Thinking over the last 15 years, and a wide range of ILM programmes ever since its inception in the late 90’s.

We have specialists in Leadership & Management, HR, Coaching and Mentoring, Management Systems, e-learning design and instructional techniques, as well as Learning Management Systems and Knowledge Management.

These accrued experiences have helped us in the pursuit of our vision and mission.

Strategic Partnerships & Networks

We have learnt through long years of experience that no company can maintain expertise across all disciplines, we needed to develop strategic partnerships and a network of associates, who could augment our core knowledge and skills.

Upside Learning

Our association with Upside goes back 10 years, and they have become our technology partner of choice. As specialists in Learning Management Systems (LMS) design and customisation, bespoke e-learning, m-learning and ‘responsive’ technologies, Upside’s partnership enables us to offer advanced solutions to organisations of all sizes, not just corporates, and have also helped us produce e-courses which are accessible to all learners.

Our own Upside LMS is the engine behind our blended solutions and rich learning experiences, helping us support our clients in developing "Thinking Performers".​

Learning Nexus

Our collaboration with Learning Nexus gives our clients access to a rich vein of e-content, and is the backbone of our multi-user licensing solutions.

Our Consultant and Facilitator Network

We have an extensive range of proven and trusted associates, who support us in the design and delivery of our products and services. This collaboration has developed over many years and allows us to maintain an up-to-date knowledge of best practices in many disciplines, and we can bring the benefits of these relationship to all our clients.

Our Strategic Direction

Thinking Performers exists to help all of our clients, individual and organisational, realise their full potential. Our strategy is based upon the development of a range of products and services that are constantly evolving to harness robust technologies, design and delivery expertise, and rich content. The aim is to make high quality learning solutions accessible and affordable for all clients, whether individuals or organisations.

An example of this strategy, is our ‘Think Tank’ memberships. Here we have once again harnessed the trilogy of technology, expertise and content, to offer a high value service that will be continually augmented and enhanced, in order to benefit all our members.​

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