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Blended Learning strategies are perfect for holding learners attention and keeping them engaged in the learning process. These strategies also provide trainers with unprecedented resources and support.

Depending on the specific training needs of the organization, there are a number of strategies for implementing Blended Learning programs, and each of these can be ably supported by a Learning Management System (LMS).

Tips for choosing the right LMS

Here are some tips on what to consider if your organization is considering which LMS solution to choose:

Long term cost effectiveness: Whenever you buy anything, you should not just look at the up-front acquisition cost, but the total cost of acquisition. Often systems seem cheaper, but if you haven’t accounted for the cost of maintenance, ownership, licensing and support along with other issues that might arise over the course of your ownership of the product, then you might find yourself coming unstuck.

Customization: Although most systems come with the same basic functional elements, you may need to optimize them for your culture and ways of working.  Can the LMS you are considering be customized to support your organization’s learning goals and strategies? Can it also be used as a knowledge management system?

Durability: What are the credentials of the organisation providing the solution? Will it be supported with periodic maintenance and upgrades? Does the organisation stay abreast of technology and business needs?

Scalability and adaptability: Your LMS and any learning programmes should be able to handle any number of people and courses at any point in time (supporting technology allowing).

Cloud-based system: This has minimal hardware and software cost implications for your organisation, and ensures that your LMS is always up to date with the latest changes in technology.

SCORM compliancy: Your courses need to be able to communicate with your Learning Management System, so your LMS needs to be compliant with Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) guidelines.

The table below provides the basic steps to be followed in choosing the perfect LMS solution for your organization’s Blended Learning objectives:

LMS steps

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