Do you have a learning management strategy?

Learning Management Strategy

The logic is simple: if you have an overall business strategy, one assumes that you also have a learning management strategy…..and that learning strategy provides you with a plan of what is needed, where it is needed, and details how you measure the success of these interventions.

Firstly you need to know what you need to train and why. Secondly you need to know what to measure and how.

In a perfect world your strategy with consider the overall business strategy, people, processes, timelines and future plans. What about risk mitigation and planning for unforeseen events?  Also, how are you going to coordinate and manage the complexity often involved in deploying your strategy?

So, as part of your learning management strategy, have you considered a Learning Management System (or LMS)?

Learning Management Systems save organisations valuable time and money by enabling them to easily manage the training of every employee, through a web-based environment with anytime, anywhere accessibility.

Not only that they can handle a wide range of other documents, which can transform your LMS into something even more valuable, a Knowledge Management System.

When the LMS and the KMS are integrated your learning management strategy has a tighter fit with your overall business strategy.  Learning and content delivered where you want it, when you want it and in a way which is measurable.  Perhaps more importantly, the LMS becomes a repository for a wide range of your organisation’s knowledge – capturing best practice, reliable methods, demonstrations, words of wisdom from process and product champions, and emerging learning where on-line communities within your organisation can discuss, debate and develop key ideas.

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