E-learning in Challenging Environments

E-learning in challenging environments

Often, our working environments can make learning and ongoing personal development challenging.  Especially where employees, by the nature of their jobs, are unable to get away from their work to attend workshops – either on-site or off-site.

Often, in these environments, ‘hands-on/in-situ’ training is typically the best way to teach someone new tasks and skills. This is not without its challenges as the learner may need to be shown many times before the new skills and knowledge are absorbed, and there are often constraints linked to getting the work done and delivering the goods or services to your customers on time.  This is a prime example of where on-line learning, combined with hands-on training, is extremely powerful.

E-learning can provide background material and foundation knowledge for trainees and learners.

Shrewd organisation can video and document their processes, thus providing the additional benefit of being able to watch and review tasks being performed many times but at a time suitable and convenient for the learner. And, of course, as processes are improved so can the learning and knowledge bank available to all employees.

In regulatory and compliance areas, content rich and colourful video can be combined with quizzes, evaluation and interaction with experts.  This can bring even the dullest subject alive and make it easier for the learner to retain the knowledge.  It also provides a clear and documented audit trail for the organisation.

Where time is a constraint, learning can be consumed in convenient and flexible chunks, in line with learner needs.  Five minute refreshers up to one hour blocks, via PC, laptop, tablets or mobiles, enabling learning to be deployed where and when the training is needed.

New content can be created in minutes, added in to your knowledge repository and shared within hours, which means any employee who needs to access learning can do so from anywhere and at any time.

Customers and suppliers can also provide training for your staff without ever having to leave their premises, thus providing valuable insights to how the end product or service may be utilised in the field.

Modern Learning Management Systems (LMS), combined with off the shelf learning content and your own bespoke training, is a very powerful enabler.

The LMS can become your knowledge portal, storing and distributing best practice processes and methodologies as well as giving access to traditional e-learning content.

With such a comprehensive tool, your organisation can engage the whole supply chain in collaborative learning and continuous performance development at any time and from any location.

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