Emotional Resilience

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Emotional Resilience

Finding the resources within!

The 21st century is a time of ‘change’; constant, unrelenting, accelerating and challenging change.  However, we should not be unsettled by this; rather we should be eager and excited, anticipating the countless opportunities that will be presented to us ‘IF’ we are in the right emotional state to thrive on it!  Too often, we view the world as a scary place, full of dangers and challenges we feel unable to cope with.  However, it does not have to be like this!

In a study carried out in 2009, it was found that: –

“The emotional wellbeing of employees and their satisfaction with their work and workplace affects citizenship at work, turnover rates, and performance ratings.”

(Gallup Study- Gallup –Healthways Wellbeing Index 2009 – 30,000 individuals)

“When Managers and Leaders invest in their employee’s emotional wellbeing, they are likely to influence organisational growth in the process.”

(The Science of Well-being, Integrating Neurobiology, Psychology, and Social Science, Oxford University Press)

During the coming autumn, we will be running a workshop designed to address our emotional state, by helping us to find the resources that are already residing within us.  These resources can be liberated to enable us all to become ‘emotionally resilient’.  This course is part of a Suite of Management Development Courses and it will be delivered by Dr Susie Mitchell.

Susie is a Psycho-neurologist, and is a Specialist in the Personal Development field, with over 20 years of proven performance behind her. Susie is a Professionally Trained Coach and Master Practitioner in NLP, Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy.

She works with Corporate and Individual clients in all Industry sectors, helping to develop Advanced Leadership and People skills, which enable clients to ‘thrive at the highest level’.

Susie delivers workshops to both the Public and Private sectors, from corporate level to SMEs.  Topics covered include: – Inspired Health, Coaching, Emotional Resilience Training, Business Growth Strategies, Personal Development, Confidence, Motivation, Managing Change and Mastering Stress as some examples.

Susie is one of the elite Tony Robbins Trainers, supporting Tony at events worldwide.  Her passion is to help people make dramatic internal shifts, to make changes that are permanent by truly understanding people’s needs, and Susie achieves the best possible outcome for her clients. Her dedication to her clients is achieved through integrity and illustrated by outstanding results.

Learning Outcomes

Attendance of this workshop will provide you with the specific techniques, triggers and tools to equip you to personally feel emotionally strong, and to be able to pass that resilience on to your teams.  You will:

  • Understand  the Three Pillars of Mastery for Emotional Resilience
  •  Be able to identify what your ‘personal triggers’ are, and learn specific strategies to manage them
  • Learn how to develop the Five Essential elements of Behavioral Wellbeing
  • Learn the ‘Experiences of Mindset Power’ to produce outstanding results at work
  • Integrate the foundations of Emotional Fitness with the four types of ‘stress’
  • Discover the awe-inspiring sense of Certainty with the right beliefs & knowledge to transform you to a level of heightened emotional  strength
  • Excel in Thriving, not just surviving- this can be learnt!
  • Develop Resourcefulness as a learnt skill
  • See beyond limitations and understand the changes that need to occur

In addition, each participant will gain skill sets to help create increased productivity, raised morale, reduce absenteeism, generate higher retention rates of staff and improve team relations.

This workshop is aimed at Individuals, Managers and Leaders who want to feel better, achieve higher levels of performance and feel valued at work. 

Please contact Thinking Performers on info@thinkingperformers.com or call on 0844 800 2958 to request more information.

Clients based in Wales may be eligible for 50% to 70% funding from the Welsh Government under the ELMS project.

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