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Not everyone loves sitting at a computer to learn.  Even I can remember saying that I would never use any e-learning, as I was absolutely convinced that it would be boring because I wouldn’t be able to interact with anyone.

However, when I did eventually sample my first piece of e-learning I was wowed by the power of being able to start and stop when I wanted, to re-wind, and to practise as I was going along. These days, like many other people, the first place I look for ‘how to’ is on-line. Being able to watch a video, or print off some worksheets to quietly work through, or interact with an on-line social group, or talk through issues in a webinar; all help augment the learning process, and coupled with face to face sessions they combine the very best strategies.

I am a convert to the power of well-designed on-line learning.  The reason that it works for me is because it can combine:-

  • Great content
  • Collaboration
  • Project oriented learning
  • Outcome focused activities
  • Theory, practice and reflection

Teamwork and collaborative learning work really well in an on-line environment, not least because with the rise of social media, on-line for many feels very comfortable and intuitive.

 Technology has become a great enabler, with the only limiting factor being our own creativity and imagination in tapping into its potential.

To grab and keep the attention of any learner you need:-

  • A great platform (Learning Management System – LMS) which can house and deliver the various forms of content that the learners will want to access from either their desktops or smart devices.
  • Rich, colourful, interactive and relevant content.
  • A great facilitator/coach – someone who can help the learner pull together all of the threads and ensure that outcomes are met and learning is put into action to improve performance.
  • A way for any cohort of learners to collaborate and communicate easily and effectively.

If you or your organisation have been resistant to using technology in this way, ask yourself why?  And then contact us for a trial – I am sure that you will be pleasantly surprised.

For more information or demonstration of how e-learning and Learning Management Systems can help you, please visit our website or e-mail to info@thinkingperformers.com

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