Introduction to Knowledge Management Workshop

Introduction to knowledge management

Creating and maintaining effective knowledge assets

” Information is not knowledge.” Albert Einstein 

Workshop description

Over 3 days we shall look at how to approach knowledge management, capture and make effective use of both explicit and tacit knowledge for organisational success. In the good old days KM was all about IT with information and document management. We collected and stored information and expected people to access and use it.  And of course it failed spectacularly, because it left out all the important knowledge that was in people’s heads. This workshop looks at how to create a KM system that works across the organisation and gets employee and senior management buy in.

Why have we created this course?

From a learning perspective we know that valuable knowledge, skills and experiences walks out of organisations every day. We also know the high cost of under utilised knowledge. We created this course to enable your organisation to consider KM from many angles, which includes people and profit.

Who should attend?

This course is for those people who are about to become knowledge champions, or the project manager responsible for designing and implementing a KM or an LMS (Learning Management System).

What benefits will the individual gain from participating?

Individuals will be able to design a KM implementation project and understand how to make this work in a holistic company wide way.

What benefits will the employer gain?

The satisfaction of knowing that organisational and employee knowledge is being retained and utilised for the benefit of all. The risk of knowledge leaking and across the organisation costs associated with staff churn will be reduced. Plus you will have a team of knowledge champions responsible for maximising your knowledge.

How is it delivered?

This introductory workshop has been specifically designed to so that it is highly participative, interactive and reflective.  The interactive nature allows the opportunity to check understanding and carry out integrated exercises – providing a direct transfer of learning back to the workplace.

Workshop content:

This workshop is comprised of the following units:

  • What is KM and how does it fit with business strategy
  • KM best practises and designing a suitable project model
  • Choosing a KM project
  • How to capture knowledge
  • The people perspective
  • Knowledge sharing and the communications plan

Course outcomes

Delegates will achieve walk away with a better understanding of what KM is and how to design and implement a successful project.


This introductory workshop is over three days.


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