Thinking Performers can .......

  • ​Design bespoke learning experiences based on your needs and resources
  • Provide you with a range of ingredients: advice, learning strategies, coaching, mentoring, profiling, e-learning & m-learning, which can be blended to provide rich learning experiences
  • Offer consultative advice and support

At Thinking Performers, we aim to leverage our technology, expertise and rich content to ensure that our clients have access to the right solution, at the right time and in the right location for your needs. The flexibility of our offering enables us to adapt our interventions and size the response to suit you.

We work with you to identify needs, agree budget, define and design the solution, and then implement the strategy – large or small.

Our services include:


Our experienced professionals can help you with many aspects of Human Resource Management including Competency Mapping, design and running of Assessment Centres, Recruitment, Performance Development and Management Systems, and much more. ​


Delivery of training workshops and full programmes, to away-days and team building events, our specialist facilitators can help you get the most out of every event.

Learning Design

Design and delivery of a full range Leadership & Management workshops and programmes, including ILM qualifications from Level 2 to Level 7, and Coaching qualifications at Level 3, 5 and 7.

Executive & Personal Development Coaching

There are many reasons you may require the support of a personal coach:

  • As part of a blended approach where coaching provides support for embedding learning within individual delegates, in balance with knowledge and skill input.
  • Transition coaching is called upon to help individuals adapt to new roles.
  • Leadership development coaching tends to be driven by some specific feedback or desire to increase the opportunity for promotion to more senior roles.
  • Change impact coaching is used to help during the stress of change programmes.
  • Direction finding, where coaching helps the coachee define and decide upon the next key step in their career.

Designing Blended Solutions

One of the advantages of using technology as an enabler, is it opens up the possibilities of being able to harness a range of learning interventions and combine them in limitless ways – purely dependent upon the needs of the individual learner and their organisation.
No longer do you have to ‘sheep-dip’ your people through workshops and programmes that, by definition, dispense the same medicine to all patients regardless of their illness. A blended approach allows you to target specific needs at an individual level, enabling you to define learning journeys for each delegate.
By utilising personal profiling to pinpoint the needs, then workshops (both virtual and in-situ), coaching, project work, e-learning, virtual tutorials, support resources and personal mentoring to provide the solution, all within a technology enabled learning environment, we can help you deliver the perfect solution.
No waste. Minimised downtime. Maximum value.

Personal Profiling - how it works, and the benfits

Bespoke ​E-learning and M-learning - read more on how we can help you create your own content

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