Award Winning Learning Management Systems (LMS) - Learning AND Knowledge Management!

​Cost effective, scalable, available to all sizes of organisation—technology as an enabler!

No matter what the size of your organisation, our multi-award winning Learning Management System can provide you with a value adding cost-effective solution for managing your learning and your organisational knowledge .
For over ten years, we have been collaborating with Upside Learning to develop customised e-learning and tailored Learning Management Systems. In that time, they have grown from humble beginnings to a multi-award winning international company with over 200 clients all over the world.
We partner with Upside because together we can deliver a high value proposition – 21st century technology and expertise at affordable prices….not only for corporate clients but for SMEs too!
This means that for corporate clients, we can reduce your renewal fees significantly whilst delivering the features and service you demand. This is leading edge learning management technology that delivers real value.
For SME clients, we open up what was an exclusive technology to you, along with all the benefits that accompany it. Manage your learners and knowledge assets efficiently and effectively, leveraging value and cutting costs!

Thinking Performers Ltd is proud to represent Upside Learning in the UK.
UpsideLMS is a best value, multi-award winning, responsive Learning Management System. Its light and responsive design enables learners to access learning from any device of their choice, irrespective of the time and place.
Equipped with 160+ features, UpsideLMS is a perfect mix of a traditional Learning Management System with an innovative edge that lets you do things other LMS’s don't. Its flexible architecture makes it an ideal system for training companies, large enterprises, and small– and medium–sized businesses. Catering to a user base ranging from 50 to 800,000, UpsideLMS ensures that all loads are easily handled.
Today, over 90 organisations trust UpsideLMS to deliver training to more than 750,000 learners.

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We can also help you create / update your own content to add to your new LMS. 
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For Corporates

Our responsive design can host all your learners and content within a sophisticated environment but at hugely competitive prices.
If you are contemplating commissioning an LMS for the first time please take advantage of our WebEx demonstration and we are sure you wont be disappointed.
If you are paying too much for your current LMS it’s easy and cost effective to switch to our UpsideLMS.

For a demo please contact us and we’re sure you'll be delighted with our proposal.

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Small, Medium Sized Enterprises

Reduce your administration costs and give your employees access to a world class learning environment—join the corporates at a fraction of the cost.
Get the benefits of on-line and virtual learning—reduce your costs and time out to public training courses by choosing one of our sensational packages.

  • Your own branded portal with the ability to host and administer your own employees / learners
  • Add in one of our e-learning bundles to enable your learners to access content straight away.
  • Use our "managed service" to avoid the need to administer the LMS, your learners and your content.

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