Rebranding, refocusing and rethinking


Rebranding, refocusing and rethinking

There comes a time in every business’s lifecycle when things have to change. At THE Group, the role that the Internet played created a problem that we could never have predicted – no one could find us, unless they knew our name.  Plus, THE Group was anonymous as a ‘brand statement’.

Whilst going incognito may be appropriate for spies, it certainly wasn’t helping us to uncover new people performance opportunities, at home or globally.

During early 2013, we started to develop our three-year strategy, to focus strongly on growth in existing and new niche markets.  We started with the implementation of new systems and processes to streamline end-to-end operations and business development functions, and we began reshaping our organisation, its partners and its offering.  Next, we began considering how to go-to-market.

When we considered our values, what we were in business to do and that our core mission is to deliver on the CIPD’s principle of thinking performers, rebranding the business simply became the next logical step.

Introducing Thinking Performers

Thinking Performers are experts in these core areas:

  • E-qualifications
  • Creation and delivery of innovative workshops and programmes
  • On-line learning and development, including bespoke e-learning solutions
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Profiling
  • Learning Management Systems (LMS)

More than this, though, we also specialise in blending all of these ingredients to create a recipe for performance success for both your people and your organisation..

The new-look business offers customers innovative blended learning design, unique learning resources, tools which enable you to re-focus and re-shape your learning requirements to take account of new ways of working. Plus related services to create value and maximise your people performance and potential. Our aim is to become a true extension of our customers’ businesses.



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