Release the potential within

Release the potential within

Organisations are full of people who are only using a fraction of their capabilities.  How can we release more of their potential?

If you look in the dictionary, potential means:

  1. Capable of being, but not yet in existence.
  2. Having possibility, capability, or power.
  3. The inherent ability or capacity for growth, development, or coming into being.
  4. Something possessing the capacity for growth or development.

Wow!  Capable of being, but not yet in existence; the implication being that everything we need is already inside us.  This means we have boundless opportunities!

This does of course challenge all of our self-limiting beliefs, e.g.

  • not being good enough
  • being fearful of success
  • under-valuing ourselves
  • listening to the inner demons

So what’s the opposite?

“Helpless, lacking, unpromising, shrinking, and powerless”…….

I wonder how many people inside your organisation feel helpless, powerless and unpromising.  If there is just one, it’s one too many; if its lots, you have a big problem.

To enable you to reach your organisation’s full potential; you need to release the potential in all the people that you employ.  Which begs another question:  how many of your people are lurking in the background, too afraid to come forward and demonstrate that they have talent, that when expressed will make a huge difference to them, their teams and to your organisation?  Too often organisations create an environment of fear, where the culture is one of blame and people are afraid to put their heads above the parapet and suggest better ways of working!  People just keep their heads down and do only what they are asked to do, when they are asked to do it.  Ralph Stayer expressed this ‘herd’ mentality brilliantly in his book – ‘Flight of the Buffalo’.

Releasing potential is about personal growth. It is about leadership, which embraces the idea of an environment where Thinking Performers can flourish.  Most vitally, it is about action.  Without the match to ignite the fire, there are no flames of potential and growth to fan.

But rather than just ponder on the ‘what ifs?’, why don’t we explore what happens if we ‘Just do’?

  • Increased motivation
  • Improved morale
  • Improved job satisfaction
  • Inspires change
  • Improved behaviours
  • Impacts bottom line

How do we release the potential within

It starts with: –

  • Shared Values
  • Shared vision
  • Leadership that supports the idea of a Thinking Performers culture and community
  • Allowing and embracing diversity
  • Encouraging intuition and imagination
  • Exploiting strengths and seeking to manage limitations
  • Embraces coaching as a way to support and empower personal change


Remember that potential lies dormant and needs a spark to ignite it. Leaders need to embrace the idea that they have the key to opening up a potent mix of brand ambassadors, who will create opportunities not only for themselves but for their organisation and the wider community it serves, hence creating unrivalled stakeholder value.

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