Responsive & Mobile Learning closes the Multi-generational learning gap

Responsive and Mobile Learning

Every generation has it’s ‘toys, technology and gadgets’, and with each generation there comes the challenge of learning ‘new’ things in ‘new’ ways.

Mobile learning is shaping up to be the latest way to deliver training, and with that comes the generational challenge.

There will always be the early adopters, those who will rush to embrace technology.  It is as if it is part of their DNA.  They enjoy exploring the new features and opportunities afforded by the technology, and they enjoy being in the minority and ahead of the pack!

The technology savvy learner will be demanding and want easy access to learning materials from a multitude of devices. They want and expect a quick, if not immediate, response.  They like to digest information in short bursts at a time and place convenient to them.

Then there are people who are scared of technology, like those featured on the current Barclays Bank adverts, who sometimes can’t even remember where the on/off button is and needs to make copious notes before trying anything. They much prefer classrooms, 1-2-1 and stuff they can print out and read.

So what can you do as the person responsible for development?

This will sound simple… and it is, but it will take careful consideration, time and budget. The challenge is to think about maximising ‘value’ and return on investment.  If we are willing to do this, then we can take advantage of responsive and mobile technology, which can be combined with traditional methods of training delivery, to make your learning interventions more effective.

Mobile learning is not necessarily the first port of call for learning, but it can be incredibly effective to reinforce learning concepts and make access to learning easier…..and it can be used in a variety of ways.

Think mobile and responsive as a way to support your blended learning programmes. Mobile is learning support in the moment – on the job – just as it is needed.

Change the way you design and deliver content

Before you go any further, stop and assess your learning delivery and consider how you can make best use of what you already have. Think about how you can upgrade it to make it available to suit your future needs and the needs of your multi-generational learners.

What is wonderful about responsive and mobile learning is that those who wants to adapt to it and use it to its fullest, will, because it will have been designed with multigenerational and multiplatform considerations in mind.


  • Short and sharp wins the day – Our tech savvy learners will want five to ten minute sound bites (or maybe shorter). These can, of course, be a part of a much bigger learning programme and when used in this way, will help get great buy-in.
  • The user experience is all important – Every device must show the content utilising that particular devices capability.

What next?

If it all seems too much, talk to a learning provider who understands what is possible.  They will help you reconcile what you might call traditional learning with methods of blending, so that the final intervention makes full use of technology as an enabler, not an inhibitor!


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